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How does the KLICKfix system work?

With the KLICKfix system (or KF, for short) you can very easily attach bike bags, bicycle baskets, and similar accessories to your bike. In 1989, the German company Rixen und Kaul (R&K) developed a system for the convenient mounting of various bike accessories to a bike, using a single method for all. There are now various KLICKfix systems available.

KLICKfix has become a fixed part of the cycling world, to such an extent that major brands such as ABUS, AGU, Basil, and Cordo now tailor their products for the use of KLICKfix. As a result, you can very simply position various bags and baskets at the front or back of your bike. This includes products such as handlebar bags, handlebar baskets, smartphone holders, lock holders, Sat Nav mounts, tablet bags, or even the CamOn! adapter as a GoPro handlebar bracket.

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Attach bike bags to the front or back of your bicycle Easy mount your bike basket with the KlickFix system

Attach bike bags to the front or back of your bicycle

In most cases, bike accessories such as bike bags and bike baskets have an adapter plate, with which you can simply click them into the KLICKfix adapter. For example, you can mount the adapter to the bike in advance in order to attach a front bicycle basket. Once mounted, you can simply click in your bike bag or basket each time, and then detach it again afterwards.

Perhaps you find it more convenient to transport a bike basket to the rear, on your saddle or on the back of your bike. For example, KLICKfix has a separate adapter that mounts onto your saddle, to which you can click a saddlebag. Both single and double pack bags are available for the back of your luggage rack, which you can easily mount to your pannier rack using hooks.

KLICKfix for electric bikes Bags, boxes and textile baskets with UniKlip can be used on a wide variety of carriers, including e-bikes. Adjust the clip once to the carrier width. Put on the accessories - put the clip on - tight!

KLICKfix for electric bikes

The KLICKfix system is, of course, also perfect for e-bikes. Read through the respective product descriptions carefully, as in some cases additional accessories may be required in order to securely attach KLICKfix to your electric bike. The KLICKfix product range is diverse. There are adapters with and without locks, adapters specifically for the handlebar system, and also products that can be used at various points on the bicycle.

Not all electric bikes are directly compatible with KLICKfix, for example, if your handlebar system differs from that for which the KLICKfix system is designed. Luckily, solutions have been found for this supposed problem, in that a series of special E-bike accessories have been designed: these accessories make it possible, for example, to mount your bike baskets & crates or mobile phone holders for bikes, without any problem.

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Various KLICKfix methods KLICKfix rackpack - simply slide your bag into the adapter

Various KLICKfix methods

There are various KLICKfix fixing methods. For example, one popular option is the Korbklip (basket clip), with which you can easily attach a basket or bag to your luggage rack - just click the two handles to the sides, and that's it attached. Another, but similar method is the Uniklip. Here you adjust the adapter to the width of your luggage rack once, tighten the screws, click on the corresponding accessory, and voilà, you're all done.

Racktime is the result of a collaboration between R&K and Tubus. This system is based on special luggage racks with corresponding accessories, i.e. bike bags and baskets. You place this accessory on the appropriate Racktime luggage rack or adapter, and slide it forwards until the adapter automatically engages. It can be detached again with the touch of a button. Caution: you require both a Racktime luggage rack as well as bags and baskets from this product range, so that everything is compatible.

Another variant is the GTA adapter. The Racktime system, along with the so-called GTA system, are suitable primarily for those who wish to carry both a lateral bike bag and a briefcase or basket. The adapter fits on all luggage racks up to a maximum width of 145 mm. You click the bag onto the side, and the basket onto the top of the luggage rack. Everything is protected against theft with a lock and key.

The final KLICKfix method is called Rackpack. Each product in this line has a so-called Rackpack coupling, which clicks into a corresponding adapter. The adapter is generally attached to the luggage rack, and is generally used for spacious pannier bags with fold-out side bags. You then simple slide the bag onto the adapter, the adapter clicks into place, and automatically and securely locks the bag into place. To remove, you simply pull on the strap that features on these models.

When purchasing a bike bag, a bike basket, or another accessory, you should check which KLICKfix system it is compatible with, and whether you require additional accessories to attach it. At the end of the day, you don't want to buy a pig in a poke, right?

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