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Determining your helmet size

Found a nice new bicycle helmet? Then it’s important to get it in the right size. A bicycle helmet should always fit perfectly so that your head is protected in the event of a fall.

How to replace a ring lock

A ring lock is attached to the bike frame. We'll show you how to easily secure your bike lock to the frame.

Replacing a headlight on your hub dynamo

Would you like to replace the headlight on your hub dynamo? These steps will show you how to do it.

Replacing your handlebars

Does your bicycle need its handlebars replaced? It’s easy to do yourself!

Repairing your bike pump

Does your bicycle pump not work like it used to? Replacing or repairing some parts of the pump is often enough.

Inflating your bike tyres

How hard or soft should your bike’s tyres feel when inflated? We’ll show you how to determine the correct tyre pressure.

Changing your bike tyre

How hard or soft should your bike’s tyres feel when inflated? We’ll show you how to determine the correct tyre pressure.

How to determine the right size of tyre

If you want to replace a tyre on your bicycle, it’s important to get the correct size. Where to find the bike tyre size?

Changing the inner tube of your bike

The inner tube is one of the wearing parts of a bicycle, so it should be checked regularly and, if necessary, replaced.

Lubricating a bike chain

Since the bicycle chain transmits leg power to the rear wheel via the pedals, it’s important to keep it clean and lubricated.

Tensioning your bike chain with a chain tensioner

Want to tension your loose bicycle chain with the help of chain tensioners? You can usually do this yourself.

Tensioning your bike chain without a chain tensioner

Pedalling becomes easier and the bike rides better when the bike chain is properly tensioned.

Cleaning your bike chain with the chain off

To ensure that your bike continues to function well, regularly clean and lubricate the bike chain.

Cleaning your chain with the chain on

Your bike chain should be cleaned at least once a year. You can do this even when the chain is on.

Adjusting your hub gears

How to adjust your hub gears? It's a piece of cake! First, set your gear shifter in gear number 4...

Positioning your bike handlebars

Prevent back pain by properly adjusting the handlebars.

Squeaking roller brakes

If you lubricate your roller brakes, your braking will be smoother and produce less noise.

Adjusting bike rim brakes

Rim brakes, also known as V-brakes, can be set in a few simple steps.

Adjusting V brake brake pads

To adjust the brake pads of your V-brake, you need a Phillips screwdriver or an Allen key.

How to adjust a rear derailleur?

Is your rear derailleur stuttering? See how to fine-tune it and index the gears.

Adjusting roller brakes

Roller have a grey metal housing, with on one side a reaction arm attached to the frame.

How to adjust disc brakes

You can recognize a mechanical disc brake by a piece of brake cable. You can easily adjust it.

Replace your bike saddle

To replace your bike saddle, you need a new bike saddle, a ring spanner, and an Allen key.

How to replace your seat post?

Have you bought a new seat post? Follow our guide to assemble it.

Adjust your bike saddle

To ensure a comfortable and safe ride, properly setting your bike saddle is key.