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Comfort and safety make your ride super relaxed

An ultramodern lock with GPS and alarm, or a helmet with traffic control? In the webshop, you can find the latest technology products to upgrade your bike ride.

During fall and winter, bike safety can make your ride so much more comfortable.

5 tips for a smooth ride in the cold season

  1. Enlighten: The new lights are high-end and fun to use, by your mobile. [newest tech product f.e. Vodafone]

  2. Soft landing: Smart helmets improve your safety.[newest helmet with control]

  3. Make yourself comfortable: warm clothes and waterproof bags from the nice Dutch brand Basil. Or what about a preheated saddle from Wittkop or a warm saddle cover?

  4. Create stability by Choosing wintertyres.

  5. Protect your bike from being stolen in the dark fall and winter months.

Did you know 50% of the bikes are stolen at home?

Bike safety

AXA Floor anchor


AXA Niteline 11


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Short videos for a comfy ride

Personal adjustment is key. You can watch a short video on the video page to keep you moving smoothly.