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For those that want their cycling to be FUN

You’ll find it at Raleigh, no matter your cycling type. Whether you’re an ‘all weather’-rider or a leisure cyclist that only gets their bike out when the sun is shining – Raleigh’s got a bicycle and accessories for you.

'Bloody loves bikes'

Raleigh has been around for 130 years and was established in Nottingham, England in 1887. In those years the company has seen the cycling landscape change and has adapted and innovated to constantly keep up to speed with modern cyclist needs. After more than a century the company is now a proud member of the European Accell group, but still quintessentially British and, above all, ‘bloody loves bikes’.

Raleigh is consistently adding to their product portfolio and offers anything from e-bikes to mountain bikes, and from car racks to kids bike helmets. Check out their different product lines to find something that fits your needs.

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Raleigh Kids pop helmet 50-54cm black