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Axa locks and lights for safety

Safety and security for cyclists

AXA Bike Security is an important part of the cycling culture. For over 115 years, the company has been doing everything it can to provide optimal protection for cyclists and their bicycles. Run by true cycling enthusiasts, AXA Bike Security knows exactly what you need to ride safely and without worries.

AXA’s engineers translate the latest demands and developments into user-friendly, sustainable products. Thanks to its own production facilities in Europe, AXA can always guarantee consistent high quality. In this way, AXA contributes to the safety and enjoyment of the growing number of people worldwide who value the bicycle as a healthy, sustainable means of transport.

Lightning and Locks

AXA offers a wide range of locks to secure all your two-wheelers - from children's bikes to motorbikes. In addition to the well-known cable and chain locks, AXA also offers ring and folding locks. These are strong and but portable.

AXA also offers a wide range of lighting products – from small lights that show others you’re there to lights that provide a lot of light and let you see where you’re going more easily. AXA has the right lighting for every bike and every cyclist

Apart from dynamo-powered lighting, AXA also provides lighting solutions that can be connected directly to an e-bike battery or that are equipped with rechargeable batteries.

New in the range are the USB rechargeable lighting products so you never have to look for new batteries again.